Development of corporate identity and local products sustainable brand from Menorca.


Alai Zimmermann


Digital and handmade


This project was inspired by the four Elements of Nature and primarily by Menorca local wind. All of the products designed were created and related to them. Developing the artwork, I've tried to find the most sustainable solutions and materials in order to keep up with Alai's spirit and lifestyle. Work here means being in a circular economy achieving proximity with the products offered. This product line creates an eco brand featuring products made in harmony with Alai's home, her own environment and the concepts of Nature. The video represents the fifth element of the brand Nabou.


Sustainable and proximity materials to minimize carbon footprint. All the materials used are easily recyclable and reusable. Product labels are attached with just rubber bands. Packaging and containers are eco-friendly.


We were aware and deeply researched each piece individually to get the best sustainable result. We deployed only one color and used the minimum amount of ink on environmentally friendly paper to enhance the concept. Also, the material used to protect glass jars inside the packaging is natural waste, leaf litter and branches from Alai's own floral work.

Since ’85, I have explored places like Madrid, New York, Menorca, and Alicante, where I have learned and been inspired by every corner.
I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a clear commitment: to preserve nature and planet Earth. That’s why I decided to specialize in Sustainable Design, where aesthetics and functionality merge. Each project can be an opportunity to contribute my bit to the fight against climate change.
My background in Advertising and Art Direction adds a strategic dimension to my artistic expression. Additionally, I am also a Teacher, a space where art and knowledge intertwine.
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