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MasQi, The Energy House

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MasQi, The Energy House

Sustainable creation and development of products, design of spaces, and a shop for MasQi, a boutique resort specializing in spiritual retreats in the Sierra de Mariola, Alicante.


MasQi, The Energy House


Digital and handmade


MasQi offers a unique experience designed to guide individuals toward a more conscious lifestyle in connection with nature, the body, and the mind. The project emerged because MasQi wanted to incorporate a store within the hotel to sell various products, thus adopting a more sustainable approach aligned with the philosophy of the place. Guests who choose MasQi undergo a profound transformation and experience a lasting disconnection in their day-to-day lives. They learn to take care of themselves, listen to themselves, and connect on a more personal level. With the aim of extending the MasQi experience beyond the stay or visit, we created the concept of "MasQi Experience." Each element or imprint of the place has its own story, life, and energy. Connecting with this nature is connecting with MasQi, creating a natural seal of quality reflected in the products of the "MasQi Collection." We design clothing, accessories, labels, bags, packaging, and displays, as well as the spaces and surroundings to showcase the products in harmony. We carefully study how to incorporate the elements so that they fit seamlessly into the concept, coexisting in harmony and generating the perfect symbiosis. For MasQi's own products, we rely on the simplicity of geometric shapes, representing the energy and connection described in the concept. We use elements from the nature surrounding the estate to build pieces and create the spaces of the store. In addition to taking a piece of MasQi home, you can immerse yourself deeply in the experience while you are there, embracing a circular and sustainable energy.


We have been extremely mindful in the selection of our materials, striving, as much as possible, to source them from local companies to support the 'km0' initiative and reduce CO2 emissions. All materials adhere to the principles of the 7R circular economy, providing them with a second purpose and contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint. We use honeycomb paper to wrap the products, craft paper bags, and glass containers, promoting their reuse or recycling. Additionally, we found a nearby company specializing in natural papers and decided to print all designs on seaweed paper to reinforce our commitment to sustainability. Finally, the components of the displays are natural elements from the surroundings of MasQi.

Since ’85, I have explored places like Madrid, New York, Menorca, and Alicante, where I have learned and been inspired by every corner.
I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a clear commitment: to preserve nature and planet Earth. That’s why I decided to specialize in Sustainable Design, where aesthetics and functionality merge. Each project can be an opportunity to contribute my bit to the fight against climate change.
My background in Advertising and Art Direction adds a strategic dimension to my artistic expression. Additionally, I am also a Teacher, a space where art and knowledge intertwine.
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