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The client intended to present his bar and four kinds of artisan beers.

Using the wind popular names in the Balearic Islands, Tramuntana represents the best-selling beer of them and the main brand’s asset.


Tramuntana - Beers & Blues


Project made in collaboration with Laura Melero.



I started pursuing a place in the world in 1985. To be honest, I‘m still searching for it.
Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
Madrid, New York, Valencia, Menorca… Moving around, going with the flow and learning from every single place I’ve been to.
In addition, I studied Advertising and Art Direction. However I always feel most comfortable among drawings.
For a number of years now, I am also a Teacher. I love teaching, a world in which I can apply my art, my knowledge and, mainly, keep learning.
How could there be no feathers in the girl’s head? So is that, I live with my current partner in crime Simon, a red-backed parrot. While one is painting, the other is singing or the other way round.
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